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pediatric eye care


Annual eye exams are crucial in keeping YOU and YOUR EYES healthy. During an eye exam, we will assess the overall health of your eyes. Many eye conditions display little to no symptoms, and early detection is crucial for effective treatment and management. We want to partner with you on your journey to SEE and BE your best!

Our Services

SEEN Family Eyecare offers a full range of eye health services to patients of all ages:

Comprehensive Eye exams

Eye chart

From children to elderly to anybody in between, we offer comprehensive eye exams for vision correction and eye diseases, so you can have peace of mind for all your vision needs. We perform pediatric eye exams for ages 2 and older.

Complex contact lens fitting and evaluation

Contact lens

Dr. Bittar is an expert at finding the right contact lenses for everyone's unique eyes! We fit all types of contact lenses, from traditional soft lenses to specialty lenses. 

Prescription eye and sun glasses

Glasses, frames

Select the perfect pair of prescription glasses or sunglasses to fit your needs...and your budget! When shopping for eye wear, we know that performance, function, and fashion are all equally important. Our team of expert opticians can help you choose from the wide range of brands in our optical boutique. We make finding the right prescription glasses and sunglasses easy.

Ocular Disease Treatment and Management

Eye diseases and treatment

Dr. Bittar's comprehensive educational training and experience in his field allows him to quickly and effectively diagnose and proactively manage eye diseases, such as glaucoma, cataracts and many more.  Many of these diseases display minor or no symptoms, which make annual eye exams ever more important. You will find comfort in trusting Dr. Bittar with your eye health!

Diabetic Eye Exams

Phoropter and eye exams

Diabetes can damage your eyes and cause vision loss if not detected early. A diabetic eye exam is a special test to check for signs of diabetic retinopathy and other eye problems. Early detection and treatment is crucial and can often save part or all of your eyesight. We will work together with you and your PCP to ensure control and management of your diabetes. 

Dry Eye Management

Pre op and post op care

Experiencing regular itchiness, burning, watering of your eyes or blurred vision? You may be suffering from Dry Eye Syndrome, a condition where your eyes don't produce enough tears to keep the surface lubricated. With a comprehensive eye exam, we’re able to diagnose Dry Eye Syndrome and provide the treatment to offer much needed relief!

Pre- and Post-operative care

Post operative care glaucoma, cataract and retina

Dr. Bittar has a vast knowledge of co-management of surgical procedures such as cataracts surgery and corrective surgery/LASIK, and is able to diagnose and see patients one day post-op. He works closely with various ophthalmic surgeons to ensure that the pre- and post-operative care will support the optimal success of the procedure. 

Eye Emergencies

Eye emergencies

Our team is equipped and ready to address your eye injuries and emergencies, including:

  • eye trauma

  • eye infections/ red eye

  • corneal and conjunctival foreign bodies

  • contact lens pain

  • sudden loss of vision

  • floaters

  • and more.


If you experience any of these symptoms, you should contact your eye care professional right away.

medical testing

Medical testing

We believe in a comprehensive approach to eye care. This is why we offer a variety of medical testing in-house. Our state-of-the-art OCT and VISUAL FIELD helps us diagnose and treat various eye diseases such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. If you want to find out more about the medical testing we offer, call us!

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At SEEN, we stand behind our products. Every eyeglass purchase comes with a one-time one-year warranty on frame and lenses and unlimited adjustments by our optical team and licensed optician.              

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